Faith & Leadership - Haley Bankey, Director

I was recently cleaning out some boxes of what I thought was junk, and I stumbled upon a box that I had packed full of old desk items from my time spent working at St. George Episcopal Church in San Antonio. It has only been a year and a half since I left working there, but as I scanned through the contents I started getting flooded with memories; too many to detail here. One precious memento I found was a prayer I wrote for myself during my first week on the job eight years ago. St. George was my first job in the Episcopal church world, and I was very nervous to begin. This prayer was an outward reflection of the thoughts going on in my head: Lord, please walk with me on my new path.Help me where I am weak and push me where I am strong.Temper my enthusiasm with the ability to seek counsel in others.Allow me the strength of knowing when I am right.Remind me that my words and my actions should say the same thing.Give me the patience to deal with all types of people and all types of situations.Lead me toward a better understanding of your church so that I may better help your people.Open the eyes of the rigid so that I may truly make a difference.Open my mind to other opinions and insight. Let my confidence return to me so that I may stand firm in my convictions.Bless me in this ministry that I may find myself through your eyes and heart.Amen. As I glanced over the words that were so faded I could barely read them, I was struck once again at God's and life's timing. Beginning my journey as the Director for Gathering of Leaders is in many ways mirroring my first few months in church ministry, and many parts of this prayer hold true today.  I am excited and enthusiastic about the journey we are all embarking on together and it is my hope and prayer that we can all be the counsel for one another as we grow through our experience with Gathering of Leaders.  Over the next two years I hope to meet each and every one of you at a Gathering or at General Convention. This living ministry is truly about the connections and bonds we forge, and after attending only one Gathering so far, I can already see the bright future that is ahead for Gathering of Leaders, its members, and the Episcopal Church.  Faithfully,Haley BankeyDirector, Gathering of Leaders