September ’23 E-News – The Seasons Turn

The Seasons Turn

After a long and busy summer for our family, I’m hoping to sort of slow down and breathe as we approach the season of Autumn. We live in West Michigan, and the days here are starting to cool from summer highs. The nights are downright chilly, and the leaves on the trees are beginning their slow journey from plain green to the vivid foliage fire of oranges, reds and yellows.

Our attention as leaders turns toward new program years, new opportunities for formation and new ministries. Our GOL staff is adapting too. We’re constantly striving to give you what you require from a network like this, asking for your feedback regularly, and instituting changes because you’re telling us what you want. Just last month our private Facebook was re-opened, we’re adding more Ministry Moments (Randy Callender is going to host on Hard Conversations next month!) and we’re hoping to capture your interest and expertise in our regular Timely Topic discussion starters. We are also offering virtual Adaptive Conversations, an AMAZING 2024 Theme (Mission in the New Reality) and we’re offering more in-person Gatherings in 2024 than we ever have. If you haven’t been to a Gathering in a while I can’t recommend enough that you try to set aside the time to be with your peers.

We are passionate about YOU because you are the ones who are serving the world and the Church just filled to the brim with hope.

Keep reading to check out some of the new offerings I mentioned, and to see how you can plug in and connect with us.


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