March ’22 Enews – Embrace Creativity

(Written as the editor’s letter for the March 2022 GOL E-News. Read the full newsletter here.)

I’m totally late to the game, but I finally began listening to Bishop Rob Wright’s podcast named For People (Listen here). I started with the pilot episode, as one should, and didn’t realize that it was posted exactly two years ago, right after Covid lockdown first hit the United States.

Not even 5 minutes in it felt as if he was perfectly describing the purpose and mission if the people engaged in Gathering of Leaders:

“It’s clear that right now a lot of us are being forced to be more imaginative and creative than we would be normally…. [We have] an opportunity to refine, deepen, and broaden our ways to proclaim Jesus Christ, to care for our neighbor, and to live out our Baptismal Covenant.” – The Rt. Rev. Rob Wright

While he was speaking directly about the pivoting taking place to be the church when our doors were closed, this desire for creative, innnovative, and hope-filled mission and evangelism had already been inspiring ministry and raising disciples through the GOL network for 16 years.

We’re still squarely in the pandemic with waves of varients keeping us on our toes, and the creativity and faith that participants in GOL exhibit every day are feeding people spiritually in real and meaningful ways.

I encourage you to connect in with one of our 2022 Gathering as a way to re-energize, refresh, and reconnect with others who are doing the hard work in the trenches alongside you:


Haley Bankey


Haley Bankey
Executive Director, Gathering of Leaders