February ’22 Enews – Untangling Yarn & Planting Sprouts

(Written as the editor’s letter for the January 2022 GOL E-News. Read the full newsletter here.)

Last week I listened to Lydia Bucklin offer her thoughts on how a knitter approaches untangling a skein of yarn. If you tug at either end of the knot you will only tangle it worse and make it more immovable. To untangle the yarn a seasoned knitter knows to fluff the skein; hold it gently, nudge and move small pieces, and eventually you can work out the knot.

Yesterday I picked up my 8-year old daughter from school and she cautiously and carefully eased herself into my car while gently cradling her backpack. Her excitement was tangible, but she was carrying herself like a mother holding a new born baby. Her teacher had given each child a cabbage sprout with the assignment to plant it, nurture it, feed it, and watch it grow.

What does untangling yarn and planting sprouts have to do with Gathering of Leaders? Everything.

It is our job as leaders in the church to coax knots out of systems. We hold those systems with love and care and tease out the kinks to unknot the roadblocks to mission-filled ministry. Once those knots are loosened, we have the duty to plant seeds of faith and creativity that can flourish if properly cared for. Part of the care necessary for leaders is connecting with others, sharing methods and insights, and supporting one another as we succeed and struggle.

Another way we care for each other and the GOL network is through financial contributions. Today I am grateful to share that the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has pledged $60,000 towards the unrestricted creativity that will take place over the next few years as the GOL network grows.

Below are some additional resources and links that can help care for you and your ministry. Connect with me and other GOLers at the CEEP conference next week, help us grow the GOL networks with nominations, help shape a future offering from ECF, and register to attend one of our 2022 Gatherings.

Now? Go back to untangling and planting!


Haley Bankey


Haley Bankey
Executive Director, Gathering of Leaders