January ’24 Enews – GOL in the New Reality

GOL in the New Reality

Our theme for this year’s Gatherings is “Mission in the New Reality” and just like life in the church, life at GOL continues to be flexible and nimble. The concept of dynamic stability came up at this past week’s Annual Board Meeting and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then. The idea that we can be stable and fluid at the same time; mission-focused and program-nimble.

Below you will see two changes to our calendar of Gatherings for 2024, both based on feedback from you, the GOL community. With preparations in full swing for General Convention, the Alabama Gathering is canceled so church leaders can stay focused on that work ahead. Also, the Gathering at Oklahoma for Bivo & Lay Leaders is changing to a Virtual Small Church Gathering to take place later this fall. GOL will convene a Small Church Advisory Group to guide the effort and set new dates.

Also, our registration fees for Gatherings will increase after March 31. As costs continue to increase, we have worked to minimize expenses to keep fees steady, but the time has come to increase those fees. To aid with this transition all registrations paid prior to March 31 will be grandfathered in at $495. After that date fees will increase to $595 to attend an in person Gathering. This fee still includes all lodging, meals, program, and transportation to and from the closest airport. For less than $200 a day you can attend one of the most creative, hope-filled, and rejuvenating experiences offered for leaders in the Episcopal Church.

You, our Participants, will also be engaged in the direction of the GOL network in new and creative ways. We’ll be seeking individual leaders to serve on different working groups alongside members of our Board to enhance and develop GOL’s future. Your creative energy will be tapped to continue our evolution as a network that supports leaders in a changing church.

Finally, I am excited to introduce the Gathering of Leaders’ Board of Directors who is guiding our growth and future. From left: Dr. Westina Matthews, Rev. Canon Kirk Berlenbach (Secretary), Rev. Yein Kim, Ms. Diane Pollard, Rev. Michael Horvath, Rev. Emily Mellott (Chair), Rev. Canon Ron Byrd, Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, Ms. Alisa Kelly, Rev. Emmanuel Mercer, Ms. Anne Schmidt, Rev. Jemonde Taylor (Vice Chair & Treasurer). Not pictured: Rt. Rev. Phoebe Roaf and Dr. Scott Bader-Saye. I couldn’t imagine a better group of dedicated leaders to address the dynamic stability needed from Gathering of Leaders in a changing church and world.

2024 is brand new, but the work ahead has deep roots. I look forward to meeting many of you in person at one of our Gatherings, the EPN conference in March, and General Convention in June, or virtually through one of our many offerings on Mighty Networks.


Haley Bankey

Executive Director

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