January ’23 ENews – Ripples of Hope

As cliché as it sounds, January is the time of year that we catch our breath, re-focus our energies, and take stock of the world around us. It is also the time every year when I get to thank God for the blessings that Gathering of Leaders has brought to my life. GOL is so much more than periodic events, but instead a community of creative, entrepreneurial, and hope-filled leaders dedicated to mission and evangelism. The dynamic people I have met through GOL, the incredible stories of hope that I’ve encountered, and the love and passion for building growing communities of faith have changed my life forever and for that I am grateful.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

If you look closely at the GOL logo it represents the primary method GOL employs to impact the wider church and to share the overwhelming love of Jesus. The circles are the individual leaders who come together in our digital community or in-person Gatherings, connecting and overlapping with each other, sharing methods and ministries to inspire one another, and then sending out ripples of hope into the world.

Read on in this e-News and connect with the community of GOL. Our online community is where you can check in with peers, gain inspiration for ministry, and browse our curated library of missional resources; our in-person Gatherings allow for deep connection, re-energized ministry, and rekindling of hope for the future; and we are about to begin short, online, peer-learning events dedicated to sharing practical methods and ministries.

I am forever grateful for the community of GOL and am excited for our continued impact on the world around us.

 Haley Bankey Executive Director, The Gathering of Leaders


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