March ’24 – #MagnifyHope

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#Magnifying Hope  

Last fall the GOL Board of Directors approved an open inquiry process for leaders across the church to learn more about GOL and inquire to join the network. For the last 16 years GOL has only received new persons via nomination from current participants. Relationships, peer-learning, and diversity of thought are key to the GOL experience and the open inquiry process will serve to broaden the voices connected to the network.

With the successful launch of both our bi-vocational and lay leader networks we have worked to actively recruit new leaders for all of our networks with our eyes fixed on our own vision and mission:

We envision the renewal of the church through transformational leaders who are dedicated to the missionary call of Christ. We exist to empower, support and develop those leaders, because we are a network that is filled with hope for a church and world that are changing.

We’ve recently convened a new team composed of board members and myself to collaborate on a public facing marketing platform so that our networks, and support for our networks, can continue to grow and spread hope. We’ve claimed our Google profile, created new social media channels, and thoughtfully hatched new projects to grow our audience and our engagement with the goal of the renewal of the church through leaders that we recruit, empower, support, and develop. This work takes all of us.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? I’d like to phrase it as an invitation to find us and engage with us on whatever social platforms you use, or, if you don’t use any social media, to consider leaving us a Google review to help our profile come up more often when people search for all things Episcopal.

I’d like to invite you once more into the hope we all have for a church we love, hope for growth and change, not stagnation and decline. And I’d like to invite you to let us share your content, to let us promote the amazing network of leaders we have. You can enter in this by sharing your content, or where it is located, with me and trusting me to do the rest. #MagnifyHope is our newest launch (there’s a link to the video below) and it aims to collect and then tell stories that do just that: they #magnifyhope in a world that can feel so scary and broken.

There is hope. You are the hope! And it is a privilege to walk alongside all of you.

Alicia Hager

Community & Communication Curator