April ’24 – Now the green blade riseth

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Now the green blade riseth

Easter is one of my favorite seasons each year, filled with beautiful hymns, meaningful liturgy, and most of all, hope. Hope that love does triumph in the end, that death is not the end of the story.

We’ve launched our newest series, #magnifyhope, and thanks to our Executive Director, Haley, we have a cache of videos from the Episcopal Parish Network Conference. You see, hope is a specific and important charism of GOL. We have hope for the church and for the world and we know that you’re seeing it all over the place, even if sometimes you have to squint, and the light has to be just right.

Our Enews for April is all about hope. We have Easter celebrations from around the network, a Clergy Leader Gathering in Michigan that is almost full, a new place to find GOL resources, a conference celebrating young clergy leaders and a highlight of the African Descent Ministries Conference that took place earlier this month.

We also have a new video in our series for you, thank you Flor, for this story of hope!

We will be announcing our first few 2025 Gatherings in coming weeks, and we sure hope to see you at one of them. There isn’t a magic that compares to all of us gathered in one place.

We invite your stories of hope, too. Sharing these stories looks like recording yourself and sending the story to us for inclusion in a future episode of the series.

Our hope is grounded in the love Jesus has for us, and it’s a love the world needs desperately.

Alicia Hager

Community & Communication Curator