Videos & Resources from the New England Gathering

The Gathering in New England brought together the most regionally, ethnically, and racially diverse group of gifted, hope-filled clergy that we have ever had, and in this year where are theme brings us together to discuss and share mission and evangelism in the church through Racial Reconciliation and Discipleship, we could not be more humbled.

The peer-led presentations, deep table conversations, and personal reflections encouraged us all to share, listen, hold sacred the tension, and at times both laugh and cry. The honesty and deep personal stories, as with the Gathering at San Francisco, allowed for our attendees to gain new perspectives and insights in the issues at hand, and allowed for them to share real methods for engaging with their congregations and calls back home surrounding this tough topic.

Here are just a few comments directly from those in attendance:

“The theme, participants, and facilitation helped me to grow, listen, and learn. The diversity of the group also gives me hope for the church.”

“I have been involved in interracial work for 30 years. The vigor, depth, and candor of these discussions was a gift.”

“I was a little anxious about how the theme would be handled, but everything far exceeded my expectations. As already mentioned all the presentations and conversations, while difficult, were incredibly helpful and inspiring.”

We have one Gathering left this year to discuss and connect over this year’s theme of Racial Reconciliation and Discipleship.  It is currently sold out, but a wait list became available yesterday.  Due to the nature of clergy schedules, we always have a few cancellations leading up to a Gathering, so I encourage you to join the wait list if you would like to engage in this year’s theme.

On our blog, you can read three reflections from attendees at the New England Gathering, and for our Participants (clergy who have attended at least one Gathering), videos and resources from New England are available on our website.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank our Chair Bishop Duncan Gray and our New England Facilitators Bob Schorr and Jamie Martin-Currie for all their hard work and dedication toward making the Gathering such a success. Also, I offer my sincerest thank you to all those attendees who said ‘yes’ to offer a presentation, reflection, or otherwise share in the peer-learning that defines the Gathering of Leaders!

Haley Bankey
Executive Director, Gathering of Leaders